In the present world, there are many popular sports games in which individuals have interest or attraction in any one of the games. Cricket is one of the popular sports games in the world like soccer, basketball, tennis and so on. English Colonies introduced the game cricket during 17th century to North America. In India it was introduced by East India Company during the same century, later in 19th century it reached New Zealand and South Africa. It is an outdoor game where climate ha a dominant role in the play because during raining the game cannot be played. The game cricket has a huge audience in its all formats (Test cricket, One Day International and Twenty 20). There is international and domestic matches in the majority days of a year according to International Cricket Council (ICC) which is the governing body of cricket. In Cricket there is 11 players in team including batsmen, bowlers, all rounders, wicket keeper and a team captain. For the three formats (Test, One Day International and Twenty 20) the number of players of a team remains the same. It is a Bat and Bowl game as a result which team should bat first is decided by toss before the game begins. In a Test march there is four innings in total which last for 4-5 days, however, ODI (One Day International) is a 50 over match in one innings where a bowler has 6 balls in an over, and in a T20 (Twenty 20) match there is only 20 overs per innings which is also known as baby cricket. There are several safety measures that cricket players have to follow during the time they play, for example batsmen have to wear helmet, several protection pads, gloves et cetera. Moreover, there are several leagues other than international matches in many countries like India host Indian Premier League (IPL) which is administrated by Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI), West Indies host Caribbean Premier League (CPL) where Cricket West Indies are the administrator. Cricket Australia (CA) is the administrator of Big Bash League (BBL) which take place in Australia. These leagues are Twenty-20 Cricket in which international players are mixed up in a team. In detail, in a cricket match there is three umpires who control the game. The spot where batsman stands for bating is a 22 yards pitch from where the bowler balls from the other end. Nowadays, cricket has become one of the expensive sport games in the world because players are getting high salary for each game. It is a difficult task to be selected in an international cricket team where the players must prove their talent in front of many selection committee. However, these leagues hosted by several countries encourages emerging players to perform their best in the game which lead them to play for their home country. In cricket, world cup will happen only in every four years, this makes the cricket fans much awaiting and more exciting. The team who won the most number of world cups is the country Australia.

Village cricket pitch with wicket and stumps